10 Epic Headdresses Worn by Celebrities

Celebrities have the resources (money, stylists) and the opportunities (red carpet, gala’s, magazine spreads) to wear some outrageous headdresses. 

The Pinterest board called Celebrity Headdresses has lots of examples from flower crowns to feather headdresses to halo crowns.

Even though some of their headdresses might not be practical for mere mortals to wear,  they serve to inspire us with ideas that can be modified to be worn in real life.

Here are 10 of the most memorable celebrity headdresses.

1 Rhianna, wearing one of many flower crowns in Vogue UK issue in 2018.

2  In the same year, same month, same magazine but the US version of Vogue, Beyonce also worn a series of flower crowns.

The impact of Beyonce and Rihanna wearing flower crowns was two-fold. First a lot more women starting wearing flower crowns at events other than weddings and Coachella type music festivals. We started getting requests for custom orders from non-celebrity women who wanted to wear a flower crown at special events which you can see here.

Secondly you started seeing more images in the media of women wearing flower crowns with a variety kinky, curly textured hair styles. You can seem them on this Pinterest board. Normally the standard look for woman wearing a flower crown someone with long, straight flowing hair.

3 Fran Dresher at the 1996 Golden Globes. Hers was made out of real lovers (I have no idea how she managed that). You can made a modified version of this using faux flowers at this class we teach at The Headdress Workshop.

4  The Halo Headdress that Beyonce wore at the 2017 Grammy’s when she was pregnant with twins. A version of this headdress is pretty easy to make and we teach this in our halo group class at The Headdress Workshop in Oakland. 

5 Spanish singer Natalia Jimenez is known for wearing dramatic headdresses on stage and on her album covers as a tribute to her adopted country, Mexico and homage to Frida Kahlo. This is one of the easiest headdress to make. There are lots of YouTube tutorials and we have a class with all the materials (using faux flowers) at The Headdress workshop

6 While lots of celebrities wore a halo style headdress at the 2018 Met Gala, Rita Ora was one of a few that had a black one instead of the more popular gold.

7. When Cher wore a headdress that was a mash-up of witchy showgirl and Halloween Big Bird to the 1986 Oscar’s she received massive publicity. Whether or not it was in good taste, didn’t seem to matter. No wonder Kim Kardashian considers Cher her patron saint.

8 Liz Taylor at the “Save Venice” masked ball in 1967

9 This headdress that Gemma Chan wore at the Met Gala in 2018 was inspired by the Liz Taylor headdress above.

10 Kelly Marie Tran honoring people of South East Asian heritage by wearing a traditional Vietnamese dress, or áo dài, and headpiece. This is at the film premiere of Raya and the Last Dragon.